Music reproduction at the highest level - enthralling and relaxing. Durable amplifiers with an excellent price / performance ratio. Perfectly crafted and manufactured with the finest components and best materials in North Germany

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THE precursor for music lovers!


The valve pre-amp soulshine+ is VALVET’s new top-of-the-line product and now comes with an excellent integrated phonostage. Also in this case, tubes weren’t re-invented, but were used especially cleverly. The soulshine+ provides connections for 6 inputs with up to 3 phono inputs (moving coil, moving magnet and 4 line inputs as standard). These can be selected by means of a high-quality, mechanical switch located near the sockets. All signal connections inside the housing are made with pure silver with PTFE. In the middle of the frontpanel are two 24-pole step-switches for volume and balance adjustment. With these gain controls you have the possibility to adjust the input level of your source components for the optimal range of the actual volume control knob. The signal runs through a pure silver wired moving coil step up transformer (1:10 or 1:20 to choose from) and a 2 double triodes phonostage with a precise passive RIAA correction. The line stage uses 2 more double triodes (all per channel!). All coupling capacitors are Mundorf silver/gold/oil types. The volume setting can be made either using a motorized volume potentiometer or by a mechanical 23 or 47 stepped attenuator with remote control option. There are 3 outputs to drive your poweramps, external headphone amplifier, subwoofer or whatever. The external power supply houses 2 completely independent powersections for phono- and linestages. No component-overkill, but perfect working conditions for the soulshine+. All housing components are made of aluminum, between 2 und 12mm thick.


The soulshine+ shows exceptional detail, plasticity and sound stage through all inputs selected. Everything is played on a black/still background. The listener hears no tube noise, but many tube virtues. Voices really have body, strings have the right fluidity, and an electric guitar sounds just like it should. Especially the harmony between silence and dynamics captivates the listener right away.


Connections: 6 Inputs (Input Impedance approx. 100 KOhms), 3 Outputs (Output Impedance approx. 400 Ohms), 3 Main Outputs. Solid silver plated RCA Sockets (or WBT NextGen (copper or silver, both at extra charge)), Neutrik XLR Sockets for INPUT 3 and OUTPUT 1, max. 3 phonoinputs with MM or 1:10 or 1:20 SUT’s to choose from (any mix possible)
Amplification: 20 dB (1:10 SUT), 45 dB (phonostage), 18 dB (linestage) = 83 dB max., maximum output > 50 Volts
Dimensions: Preamp 444 x 100 x 306, Width x Height x Depth in [mm]
Powersupply 444 x 50 x 306, Width x Height x Depth in [mm]
Case: Completely made of aluminum, black anodized or power coated, Frontpanel black or silver anodized