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The single-ended A monoblocks E4 pursue a goal that all VALVET amplifiers strive for: the purest and most unmanipulated transmission of music that touches the senses! A simple but sophisticated circuit, short signal paths and the best, long-lasting components ensure that your favorite artist reaches you very directly. Maximum long-term listening pleasure!

The E4 mono power amplifiers have an output power of 12 watts at 8 ohms and 20 watts at 4 ohms. This doesn’t seem like much at first glance, but these power amplifiers can also do amazing things on speakers with an efficiency of 89 dB. The power amplifiers work in single-ended A operation and only with a single power transistor in the output. We are of the opinion that connecting several power transistors in parallel to increase performance results in sound disadvantages. A good single-ended A design conveys music with a charm that other power amplifier concepts rarely or never achieve. The VALVET E4 offerthe sound quality of a single-ended A tube amplifier without its disadvantages (tube wear, poor bass control).

For those interested in technology: a very quiet 500 VA toroidal transformer, 4 ultra-fast 60 A individual diodes as rectifiers and a filter with 4TTN electrolytic capacitors from Supertech ensure ultra-stable operation. Extremely short (pure silver) signal paths.New, discrete operational amplifiers in Class A operation.

The sound: dynamic, neutral, balanced, very musical, powerful with a lot of blackness and control in the bass and simply harmonious. In the current version, detailed improvements in mechanics, technology and sound ensure an even more harmonious package.These amps really sing!

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