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The VALVET A4.5 monoblocks are currently the final development stage of power amplifiers in our program. Their roots go back to the 90s. As always, long-term satisfaction, value and longevity count here. Anyone who owns these power amplifiers can put the issue of power amplification aside for a long time. The musical information the A4.5 conveys is simply thrilling! Feel free to compare with so-called global brands and then decide which rendition resonates with you more. The A4.5 power amplifiers are extremely fast, controlled and powerful. They don’t put their own  stamp on the music, but rather support flow and involvement. Immerse yourself in “your” music!

The A4.5 monoblocks have an output power of 60 Watts/channel into 8 ohms (100 Watts/channel into 4 ohms). In our opinion, the desire for even more performance will not arise so quickly. Like all VALVET power amplifiers, the A4.5 power amplifiers have an enormous power supply capacity thanks to the stable power supply and have a “firm grip” on practically every loudspeaker on the market. The monoblocks work in push-pull A mode and only with a single pair of power transistors in the output. We are of the opinion that connecting several power transistors in  parallel to increase performance results in sound disadvantages. For those interested in technology: a very quiet 500 VA toroidal transformer, 4 ultra-fast 60 A individual diodes as rectifiers and a filter with 4TTN electrolytic capacitors from Supertech ensure ultra-stable operation. No  capacitor in the signal path of the amplifier (DC – 100 KHz), extremely short (pure silver) signal paths.

The sound: dynamic, neutral, balanced, very musical, powerful with a lot of blackness and control in the bass and simply harmonious. In the current version, detailed improvements in mechanics, technology and sound ensure an even more harmonious package. “The Power and the Glory”  – that’s it!

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