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Excellent test report of the US online magazine “Positive Feedback” about the E2se power amplifier

„…The VALVET E2se is dead quiet even with the 92 dB Spatials. It provides 21 dB of gain, a few dB’s less than the Coincident Dynamo, so I had feared a potential problem with my Bent Audio TAP passive preamp, especially with less sensitive speakers like my Spendor LS3/5a. (It can be ordered with up to 30dB gain). However, the Chord Qutest DAC allows variable output levels, and I also exploit the +3dB gain from using XLR cables from my AQVOX phono stage, so this never became an issue, even with the circa 82 dB Spendors. The manual says the E2se can deliver plenty of current and is stable down to a 2 Ohm load, but regarding suitable speakers, it demurs: “Just trust your ears.” Although the VALVET’s 50kOhm input impedance is passive-pre friendly, the manual does urge keeping all cables as short as possible. Buffered or transformer passives (like mine) are less susceptible to problems than pure passives where the output impedance can vary with level. Although my system has a 6m run of Unique Innovation Technology interconnects to the VALVET and 3m of Tellurium Q Ultra Silver speaker cables, I heard no problems…“

Hier geht es zum kompletten Testbericht

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